This Project documents long term gay and lesbian committed relationships. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the median length of an Australian Marriage is 8.7 years so I have used this number as the minimum length of time to be part of this project.

I believe that Gay,Lesbian and Transgendered relationships deserve the same legal rights and public respect as heterosexual ones.

But this project is about more than just "gay marriage" I really hope that these simple images of loving couples will help reduce homophobia, will inspire young people to keep their romantic dreams and for parents to know that their gay, lesbian and transgendered children have just as much chance of having a long term and happy family life as anyone else.

The Commitment Project is aimed to show the wider community that gays and lesbians, for all our differences we still fundamentally want the same thing, to be allowed to love who we love.

If you are gay, lesbian, queer (or however you wish to identify yourself) in a relationship longer than 8.7 years (which is about 8 years and 10 months) and would like to be involved in this project please send me an email - and put "the commitment project" in the subject line.

Please do not use any of the images contained with this website for any purpose without the written permission of Evan Cooper AND the people within the photograph.

Everyone who views this blog is welcome to leave comments, in fact I encourage people to do so.

After speaking to the NSW based "The Gender Centre" to seek some clarification (but this doesn't make me an expert) I really encourage any transgendered people that are not able to marry due to their gender identity and their birthday certificate being different to be part of this project. They just need to be in a committed relationship for 8.8 years or longer.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A message from Adam Elliot

" I see so many sad couples around me who fight, argue and perhaps should go their separate ways. What saddens me the most, however, is that these heterosexual couples, have more rights than my partner and I who have been together for seven very loving years.

He is my soul mate, my best friend and the person I want to devote myself to for the rest of my life. We have never argued, kept secrets or hurt one another. Our relationship is strong, respectful, monogamous and deeply loving. It's a shame that we can't marry and share the same rights under the law as heterosexual couples.

Things are changing however, and hopefully in my lifetime the rest of the world will finally see that at the end of the day,  it's all about love!"

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  1. It is a shame and I too hope that one day our culture, collectively, will mature enough to let go of the fear of all things different. I commend you and your partner for creating such a healthy relationship. What you describe is something few couples, of any orientation, manage to achieve.