This Project documents long term gay and lesbian committed relationships. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the median length of an Australian Marriage is 8.7 years so I have used this number as the minimum length of time to be part of this project.

I believe that Gay,Lesbian and Transgendered relationships deserve the same legal rights and public respect as heterosexual ones.

But this project is about more than just "gay marriage" I really hope that these simple images of loving couples will help reduce homophobia, will inspire young people to keep their romantic dreams and for parents to know that their gay, lesbian and transgendered children have just as much chance of having a long term and happy family life as anyone else.

The Commitment Project is aimed to show the wider community that gays and lesbians, for all our differences we still fundamentally want the same thing, to be allowed to love who we love.

If you are gay, lesbian, queer (or however you wish to identify yourself) in a relationship longer than 8.7 years (which is about 8 years and 10 months) and would like to be involved in this project please send me an email - and put "the commitment project" in the subject line.

Please do not use any of the images contained with this website for any purpose without the written permission of Evan Cooper AND the people within the photograph.

Everyone who views this blog is welcome to leave comments, in fact I encourage people to do so.

After speaking to the NSW based "The Gender Centre" to seek some clarification (but this doesn't make me an expert) I really encourage any transgendered people that are not able to marry due to their gender identity and their birthday certificate being different to be part of this project. They just need to be in a committed relationship for 8.8 years or longer.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kerry and Anna

© evan cooper
Date of Commitment - February 2000
"We've been together for over 11 years and still find each other hilariously funny."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adam and Clay

© evan cooper
Date of Commitment - August 2002

“Adam is a born Australian, while Clay is a transplant to Sydney from the US in 2000 (and has since become an AU Citizen).

We met in (approximately) August of 2002 at a dinner party at the home of a mutual friend.  The minute I saw Adam walk through the door I just knew he was the one…and he felt something similar.

By March the following year we were living together and have been together ever since.
Unfortunately no ceremony…and obviously no marriage in Australia…but we fervently hope that our day in Australia will happen soon.”

Friday, April 15, 2011

A message from Mrs Woog

Date of Commitment March 2002
We are committed to each other in every way. I am committed to be the best mum and partner I can be. I am committed to my family and watching the choices I have made make me happier each day.
I am committed to love, fun, life and exploring.  I enjoy the comfort that my commitments bring me.  It is an unquestionable feeling of belonging and peace.
Being committed does not need to be pin-pointed.  It is found in everything you do for each other.  It is an incidental perk of love.
I am committed to raising awareness of the unequal rights of gay and lesbian families in our country.
And unless the Australian Government starts talking seriously about instigating equal rights for ALL families and couples,  then perhaps they are the ones that should be committed.
Mrs Woog, Mr Woog and the Woogettes.
Australian Blogger Mrs Woog

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Greig and Glen

© evan cooper
Date of Commitment - October 1986

"Twenty-five years ago it was a commonly held belief that same sex relationships didn’t last. Back then we simply agreed that we’d stay together as long as we were both still enjoying it.
Well, we’re both still enjoying it."

Monday, April 11, 2011

Johnny, Darren and Noah

© evan cooper
Date of Commitment - October 1997
"During our first year as a couple, we spent every day together. We still love each other's company and believe our family deserves recognition, equality and respect just as much as any other. "

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A message from Senator Louise Pratt

I commend the Commitment Project for celebrating the lives and long loves of lesbian and gay couples. Thank you to all the couples and families that have shared their stories.

These stories show that nurturing a long term partnership is no small thing, it takes work – but comes with limitless rewards.

When I met my love, Aram, he was a very handsome woman – and now he is a very handsome man. So I know, when you find your soul mate, your love for them is bigger than the box or category others might like to define you by.

It is my hope that one day in the not too distant future all couples, should they choose and regardless of gender should have the right to marry. I am certainly working to that end
Senator Louise Pratt  - Australian Labor Party.

Grant and Kelley Drury-Green

© evan cooper
Date of Commitment - March 2000
"We had a commitment ceremony in 2002. Unfortunately it is not recognised.  We hyphenated our surnames at that time."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Message from Vanessa Wagner

"Millions of Australians believe in a fair go for all and it seems governments are out of touch with this. The Commitment Project is a stunning visual addition to this growing wave of support"
Vanessa Wagner

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dane and Aaron

© evan cooper
Date of Commitment - February 2002
"We met at "Panthers" in 2002 and moved in together after a week!  We got married in San Francisco in 2008 and hope to have our marriage recognised in Australia one day."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mary and Lil

© evan cooper
Date of Commitment - 1989
"We met at a friend's birthday party. I impressed Lil with my fantastic cricket skills.

We were together for 13 years before Mary met my parents"